fear and loathing in the neighborhood


If Facebook revealed how disappointing the people I knew socially where, Nextdoor has done the same for my neighbors.

In the meatspace, our neighbors are fine. That’s why we chose the neighborhood. It was clean, it has great amenities, and sufficient parking. We feel at peace.

civic engagement

We attended the our Neighborhood Association meeting last Tuesday. It was a packed room and strong emotions were felt, along with a palpable anger and disgust at the way things were being carried out by the bureaucrats present by proxy or in spirit.

Potholes, fast cars, and public safety were the problems most loudly discussed. Bylaws, plans for a not insignificant settlement, and charitable activities were the other items discussed by the NA.

Public safety brought their analytics, using year-to-date figures to report on observed crimes and asserted that the summer is a time for crimes of opportunity. They spoke about bad guys and offered pragmatic strategies for property protection and lamented budgetary realities that denied more exhaustive patroling.

Fast cars and break-ins dominated the q & a and a lady that had been muttering under her breath the whole time walked out in rage.

The local council staffer spoke next redirecting the tar and feathering into a minor beating, surviving the onslaught to face the local masses another day. Skinny suit, pragmatic beard, softly assertive toned and spelling out the issues and the reasons for those issues, knitting the ugly sweater of municipal politics for the public eye.

Apparently the green bollards down Studebaker brought the ire of the homeowners, they deemed the bollards unsightly and a waste of their hard earned money, especially when so many streets needed repaving.

Staffer sez: I know, it sucks, but repaving Studebaker is done in sections and that section was due and monies had been set aside for bollards once repaving came and so in they went.

fictional drinks with public bureaucrat

Tough crowd?

Do you think--

I don't. It helps.

Buy you a drink?

Yes please.


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