Today is Confusing

commutes & routine

For some of us, doing the same thing every day brings joy. Yes, that’s a Kando word and I’m aware of my opinions about Kando. After moving, I’ve come around to getting rid of clutter too.

surfaces, surfaces, I need surfaces

I can’t read one of the books in my list anymore, I don’t have time to learn Vim. It hurts to know my limits.

I am picturing Michael Caine speaking to Master P.

I have access to so much knowledge and I want to learn it all and the more esoteric the better.

I was reading about diy turntables including corian plynths with alternating aluminum layers, corian platters with alternating lead layers, lathes, and vibration proofing a custom machined electric engine last night.

I followed 40 pages of thread along and at page 40 realized the project was never finished. I think the guy died or at least something kept him from continuing the construction and posting in the forum when it seemed 75% complete.

He also was a terrible speller but that’s neither here nor there.

bait and switch

We are clickbaited professionally because monetization is where it’s at. Am I naive or is monetization missing the point of the internet?

I am naive. Infrastructure is needed for this vector of communication. This isn’t yelling across the street.

No, I’m not naive. We have cell phones and text messaging and we’re not selling things with those mediums of communication. Wait are we?

Is all communication sales? How do I figure? Let me explain.

a cynical model of language

Lost in a word of symbols, the real was pulled from under us sometime around the first meme made its rounds.

Maybe it was when telegraph operators let an inside joke out of the bag or maybe it was when a novice printer mass produced a hilarious typo in a printing press. Maybe it was when the pun was invented which had to be around the time some authority decided there was a right way of saying things and the clown of ages blew raspberries at the pedant of ages and said make me.

Order and subversion, I see their battle playing out all around. But this isn’t cynical this is Deepak Chopra. Let’s work on getting frustrated.

a cynical model of language (really this time)

The word to thought interface is gooey. We overestimate the quality of the connection. Despite the redundancy built in to language what is said and what is heard is rarely in sync. Worst of all, the problem is as old as society.

a new hope (same as the old hope)

Society survives past the miscommunications by sheer scale. Mass produce a people and the normal curve sets the parameters for understanding. Codifying that understanding is a service to that society. Unfortunately codifying seeks permanence and the normal curve is everchanging.

Back to chaos and structure, energy and matter, Lennon and McCartney, absolute compromise and absolute truth, and long lists of incomplete and inaccurate examples.

chick tract manifesto

A man, burdened by the realities of post-modernism goes to his local artisanal coffee shop and requests an audience with his local philosopher.

He inquires: sir, i am overburdened by my reality and i wish to reimagine my world view, please enlighten me.

Philosopher sez: my education only gave me new ways to be burdened, new realities i was previously unaware of, and new problems without solutions–i am swimming the same deep waters as you and while i’m flattered that you’re asking me for help, i have nothing real to offer you.

Man sez: thanks.

Philosopher sez: anytime.

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