• book review I 2017-06-29 6:45 PM

    introducing: book reviews I am an aspiring social scientist. I self identify as such and my landing page also says so. I am reading a ... read more

  • fear and loathing in the neighborhood 2017-06-27 6:45 PM

    nexdoor If Facebook revealed how disappointing the people I knew socially where, Nextdoor has done the same for my neighbors. In the ... read more

  • Today is Confusing 2017-06-22 6:45 PM

    commutes & routine For some of us, doing the same thing every day brings joy. Yes, that’s a Kando word and I’m aware of my opinions about ... read more

  • Box Notes 2017-06-08 6:45 PM

    overture It took me one dedicated day to kill our Evernote productivity plan once and for all. It had reared its ugly head again after a ... read more

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